About Me


my name is Daniel and i was born on June 12 at the city Pegnitz. First of all i want to say the following: The opinions, thoughts and (entire) content of this website does not reflect the opinions, thoughts etc of my employer or my own companies.

I am currently working in the media industry, as an employee for Webdesign, entrepreneur of my own media agency, with my own recordlabel and as DJ and Producer.

Originally I wanted to be a chef. In 2008 i have started my apprenticeship as chef, but i didn’t finished it. Some of you judge me now, while you read it, but there was a reason for it. In my apprenticeship i noticed i was a way more into other things, like tech and IT stuff, so i started beside the apprenticeship to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL for myself.

Now, after almost 8 years (2016) i’m where i wanted to be. Without a apprenticeship as media designer i managed it to get my foot into a subsidiary of my todays employer. This company opened the doors for me in the media industry and i’m happy to had (and still have) so many great collegues.

With my own companies, i try to build up my self employed state i want to become with my 30st year of life. As entrepreneur i run a media agency, i mentioned it above, a Ticketsystem you can admin and manage tickets from all your companies in sub accounts and i run also a WordPress school.

I always go the direct way, say what i think, if you like it or not. That’s the reason why i have decided to create this blog, where you can read some articles from me from time to time.

Have fun reading my articles now and maybe there’s a person out there who can smile about what i have written.