You get the Notebooks as gifts and offered to buy on Amazon for just under $20. But what you should do with them? Filling up unstrategically with notes? There’s a better way!

Many businessmen are seen walking around with such notebooks, but they can also use these little helpers for private life, or both. That’s what I did.

As a starting point, I have the Leuchtturm 1917, which I received from my employer as a birthday present.

What’s in a BulletJournal?

All. Everything that makes your year easier and helps to organize your tasks, appointments, projects, purchases and and and.

The Index:

On the index pages, you can create a table of contents based on page numbers. This I leave to date empty, since I have just one  month, the April, in my BulletJournal.

Future Log

The future log serves as an overview of the dates that are to be moved from one month to the next month, as well as a calendar overview of the desired number of months.

Monthly overview

Here I use a page with numbers 01 – 30/31 and the weekdays next to it to list my appointments in the month. The right side of the journal contains all the tasks, notes and reminders for the entire month.

Daily layout

On the following pages, I set the month in days, I count at least 3 tasks that must be fulfilled. I like to have several more tasks as well, depending on the need.

There are other contents for the journal that I do not have, as I have already covered it with my smartphones. For example, a workout planner, a Moodtracker, or other fitness-related information.

I also deliberately leave out doodles and graphic elements, as these would only distract me from the tasks. Even the time that dies for drawing is too valuable for me.

BulletJournals, like the one I use, is there to structure everyday life and to accommodate tasks, appointments as well as important notes or thoughts in a central location. Anyone who currently thinks he has too little time should necessarily switch to a BulletJournal. Since I use one I feel more productive and I think I also have more time for the important things in life.

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