Even if I’m -who would have thought- no fitness freak, I log my health data daily. Read What apps i use for it here.

My apps need to be usable for both systems, iOS and Android. I want to have my health data synchronized on both devices. These apps, in combination with each other, realize this without any problems.

Food & Drink:

I don’t want to be slimmer, i don’t track what i eat, i track how much i eat. The App MyFitnessPal from UnderArmour helps me with this.

Price: Free+

Running/ Sports:

Here I also put on an app from UnderArmour: Endomondo. With this app I record my runs in the morning at 4:00 am.



Enough sleep is important. That’s why I always leave at least one smartphone next to me lying on the mattress. With the app Sleep Better from Runtastic I have every night in control.



So that I can get an overview of everything, I use the app Record from UnderArmour. This shows me in an overview of my workouts, my sleep, the steps and calories.

Under Armour Record
Price: Free


These were the apps I use every day to log my health data. In combination with Apple Health and Samsung Health, all data can be kept up to date comfortably on both systems without having to enter everything twice.

And the best: Except for the sleeper app, all apps can be used in the Lite version with a little advertising.

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