Google pay has been available in Germany since June 26th. Due to the selected banks, however, not for everyone. Here are my tested alternatives.

Who is Google pay currently usable for in Germany?

Google pay can all be used with a smartphone starting from Android KitKat, which is equipped with an NFC chip. As far as the minimum requirements.

However, there are also restrictions on the supported banks. Only users of Comdirect, Commerzbank, N26 Bank GmbH and Wirecard (Boon) can successfully set up Google pay. Personally, i use a N26 account.

Customers of the “old-established” banks such as Postbank, Sparkasse and the VR bank groups must continue to hope for the best. But these Customers have Paydirekt 😉

Glase (formerly SEQR):

The Glase app is available for iOS and Android for free in the respective stores. The registration is via e-mail and your own mobile number. For SEQR/Glase There are 2 ways to pay: one, as with Google Pay with NFC and an emulated credit card or by QR code. In the latter method, however, a QR code generated by Glase must hang in the shop.

With Glase you have the advantage that you can either revalue your Glase account, either by debit or credit card. To do this you have to deposit an account. The app also lets you just create one, not multiple. Alternatively, the amount paid in the shop can also be collected directly by direct debit.

Disadvantage: When adding an account, Glass performs a schufa query.

Price: Free


Overall, the Leupay wallet is like Glase, but without direct debit. With the Leupay wallet you get a prepaid MasterCard and for each additional card you have to pay €5 order fee. For €1, you can order more virtual cards in the app, one is already inclusive.

Charging works by credit card (with fees) or bank transfer (free).

‎LeuPay Wallet
Price: Free
LeuPay Wallet
Price: Free

With both alternatives you have to verify yourself by ID, with Glase it is enough to upload photos of your ID via app. With Leupay wallet you have to verify yourself in the English video chat in the same way as with the German video ident process.

If you do not want to open a second account for mobile payments alone, you can also use one of the two providers mentioned above. Unlike Google Now, these may collect future purchasing data.

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