Since today, the 26.06.2018, Google Pay is also available in Germany. But not for everyone.

In advance: mobile payment was possible before. Via third-party apps like SEQR (now called Glase) or the newly discovered Leupay Wallet you was able for a long time to purchase via NFC and the smartphone. Of course, Apple users are still looking into the tube.

Since June 26, 2018, there is now finally the option to use Google Pay, introduced 13 years ago. Even if it has experienced a few name changes within the 13 years.

Extra sausage: German banks. Not every customer of any bank can use Google Pay right now. Currently, only customers of Wirecard Bank, Comdirect, Commerzbank and N26 Bank GmbH can use Google Pay. How good that I am N26 customer ;).

Credit card or bank card – both are supported by banks. If you can’t add a card, it’s worth looking into the menu under “Supported Banks”. There you can also find the card types that Google Pay supports to the beginning in Germany.

Do you already use Google Pay or another solution for paying with your smartphone? Comment, please 🙂

Picture: © BITS & LIFE