After I have already covered the paperless office in the first part, i’ll share information about the digital business account in this Blogpost.

There are many providers of digital business accounts. Among others, the account of the Berlin fintech N26. The British Fintech Revolut also offers accounts for the self-employed customer and companies. But I chose the provider Kontist.

Kontist, unlike the two above, does not have its own banking license, but uses that of the payment service provider SolarisBank.

With the opening of an account you will receive a virtual credit card (Mastercard) and another (paid) credit card for the wallet (Mastercard). The account include unlimited SEPA transfers and it even calculates how much you have to pay in tax payments or how much of the balance is left over for the company/personal use. Also new for a few weeks is the WebApp, which allows you to view and manage your finances on your laptop or PC.

In the app available is also the usual service chat, either with bot or real employees. The real employees are competent, friendly and fast.

If you already have an accounting system, such as MonkeyOffice, Sevdesk, Lexware, etc., you can go with the free account model. For customers who need more or are about to launch their start up, Kontist also offers paid models with additional services or even a cooperation with Lexware.

Account statements and other information can be obtained via PDF download and/or e-mail. Thus, paper and postal delivery are dispensed with Kontist as well. Only with the credit card you’ll, logically, receive a letter.

Compared to N26 or Revolut, Kontist offers less options and features, but for that, Kontist and SolarisBank are less negative in the media, I’m just saying Russia-Connection at Revolut and poor communication at N26.

In the next and at the same time last part I will go into more tools and tricks in the digital office, and I will also dare to draw a small conclusion of my 2nd year without paperwork.

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