I’ve been since i can think a long sleeper. Tried to get up earlier, I have it often. It finally worked out.

How did I do that?

In times of smartphones, tablets and Smartwatches is the early shutdown, or going early to bed hard. However, I have configured my smart devices to stop receiving notifications or calls from 21:00 am on. With the “Do not disturb Mode” on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iphone 7 it works just by time.

Before going to bed

Before I stretch my tired bones at 22:00 am, I have a little evening ritual. First I prepare everything for the morning: coffee machine water, coffee, cup, sugar & spoon ready, Laptop & ipad ready to put on the desk & a glass of water next to the alarm clock and a list of things to be done.

In the morning

When the alarm rings at 04:00 I stand up and go to the alarm clock and turn it off. In addition, the water is already there, because once I have drunk something, I do not lie down anymore, and i power on my circulatory with the water. Dress up, coffee, breakfast and laptop on. Then the first things have to be done on the TODO list that I created the night before.

At around 05:00 pm, i go to the bathroom and get myself prepared for the day as an employee. Because, in addition to my own companies, I still have my job as a web designer.

At 06:00 o’clock, the work will be done first.

To become an early riser only works with a routine that you have to acquire as a ritual. Then it’s not that hard to get up early. As a small tip: Also provide variety in the morning. I go for a run every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 04:00 a.m., instead of taking care of my business.


There’s time for a little longer to sleep. Until 9. But even then the routine starts as if it were 04:00 a.m. early.

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