In this post, I introduce iOS & Android apps that help me implement my plans for the new year and are available on both platforms.

For those who want to save money

Two years ago I became aware of the app MoneyControl from the German provider Primoco. Back then, you could only syncronize multiple devices via Dropbox or iCloud. Meanwhile, the vendor has also provided a “cloud” variant for the app. The free app is, of course, limited. But for €24 per year you get unlimited bookings, as well as receipt expenses, reports, etc.

For those who want to lose weight

Here I rely on MyFitnessPal from the American fitness empire UnderArmour. In my case, it is enough to enumerate what I stuff into myself all day in order to eat less and thus lose weight. Again, the free version is limited, but unlike MoneyControl, there is no reason to use the subscription version.

Price: Free+

For those who want to play sports

Here I use again an app of the American fitness empire UnderArmour, namely MapMyRun. Here you can create routes in the free version, track its course and much more.

Laufen mit MapMyRun
Price: Free+

For anyone who falls out of the grid

If there is no app to remind you of special goals, then you can use Way of Life. Here you can create overviews that show you daily, weekly, or monthly whether you have followed your new resolutions or not. You can also create free numbers of notifications about these resolutions.

Picture: © BITS & LIFE
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