Since I am an Apple user, along with Windows and Android, I watched the keynote on Tuesday night… My opinion on this? Read it for yourself.

Whenever the lights come on at the Steve Jobs Theater in California and CEO Tim Cook comes on stage, it’s like a religious ritual. Members of the Apple religion stand up to listen to the words of God clapping with bundles of money they have borrowed from a Bank.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are again only small, incremental updates to the previous year’s model, the design as old-fashioned as my Nokia 3310.

Just what is possible in the display area today, I only say Galaxy Note 10, with almost no edges anymore, is breathtaking. And Apple is sticking to the old 2016 design.

Apple manages to impose a price of more than 1000€ for a 3-year-old phone, because the disciples are ready to make love with Apple with bundles of money in their hands.

The entry-level iPad doesn’t have it any easier, this is again just an incremental update to the previous models and here’s the bad thing that the design is much older than that of the iPhone 11.

The Apple Watch 5 with the Always-On Display does 2019 what a Samsung Gear S3 or a Motorola Moto360 has been able to do for at least 5 years, again Apple is far behind the state of affairs and charges its customers… I meant disciples for it…

If you look around just 10 minutes outside the Apple cosmos, you can see that the industry is much further than Apple is. With one exception: CPUs. The Apple CPUs ram everything unsharply into the ground.

And yes, I show here many Samsung examples, but also Huawei, Nokia and LG have their advantages. In addition, I have to express my opinion on the new Samsung Galaxy Fold in the coming days, so save the Page to your Bookmarks 😉

Did you follow the latest keynote and have a different opinion? Give me your view of things in the comments.

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