Apple Pay is currently everywhere, on Twitter, on Facebook, in the blogs & news. That is precisely why I am already fed up with it.


I’ve been using Apple devices for at least 10 years, starting with the iPhone 3G. That there is some basic hype around Apple is well known. But what is currently being done in connection with Apple Pay for just getting traffic in an almost perverse way is just ridiculous.

Everywhere you read on Twitter, Facebook, Google, just no matter where you get news right now, you will be slain with the launch of Apple Pay in Germany.

Blog Y writes Apple Pay is about to launch soon, Mr X on Twitter says from today, 7pm launches Apple Pay in Germany…

Benefits of Apple Pay

The benefits of Apple Pay are obvious, of course. Thieves don’t get your money that easily, as you also have to verify yourself on Apple Pay from time to time via Face-/Touch ID, while with normal credit cards up to 25 Bucks can be paid through NFC without a security mechanism. The seamless integration of the Apple Watch also speaks for Apple Pay.

Disadvantages of Apple Pay

Not every bank is supported. Here, Google Pay has a lot ahead of it with Paypal as its partner. However, the newer online banks such as N26 or comdirect, which is not necessarily new now, are included.

Alternative Google Pay

With Google Pay, there has been a mobile payment system since October, but not completely free of charge. At Google you pay with your data, but also here only in the following form:

Google doesn’t know what you’re buying. Google only gets data where you shop for how much and when.

Even with Google Pay, you can pay with your smartwatch as long as the watch is equipped with Googles WatchOS and has installed an NFC module.

When is Apple Pay coming to germany

This question is asked everywhere, as mentioned in the upper section, along with unsubstantiated starting days designated by Bank XYZ employees or from “untrustworthy sources.”

This is precisely why the hype surrounding Apple Pay is now so annoying me that I am really seriously considering replacing my Apple devices with alternatives from Android or Windows. The hype surrounding Apple Pay is just ridiculous.

Finally, stop estimating that Apple Pay starts at 23:05:59 p.m. on 31.12.2018 or even earlier. When it’s there, it’s just there. Worked at Google with Google Pay also without such stupid hype. And if it doesn’t come until 2019, then it won’t come until 2019.

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