Apple Pay has been available in Germany for several days now, and Google Pay for months. But only because it is available, you don’t have to be able to pay everywhere with it.

The shops in the countryside in particular now have to rethink and slowly allow credit card payments to be paid with, because they are susceptible to losing customers because of exactly such “technology leaps.”

A concrete example:

I wanted to pay for a Coke and a pack of chewing gum at the local (free) petrol station by credit card the other day, as I had no cash with me that day, and I also no longer hold a regular debit card at N26.

On my sentence to the cashier, I would like to pay with card, he answered “If you want to pay with credit card, you have to at least pay items for 10 euros, because otherwise I pay on it.”

For me, as an entrepreneur, such statements and such behaviour are simply not acceptable, because we are living in 2018, not 1988. Since then, I have been avoiding the business on principle and prefer to go in Nuremberg to a shop that lets me pay with my desired payment method.

As long as there is this ridiculous and completely unnecessary €10 limit in Germany when paying by card, affecting Apple and Google Pay too, I simply can’t see that our purchasing behaviour and also the technical progress, or the readiness for the technical Progress in the local business changes.

That’s why Amazon, Ebay, as well as the big discounters, have more chance of clientele than the long-established farmer’s shop around the corner. But then the latter should not be surprised why he will eventually run out of clientele if, he/she as a entrepreneur,  does not go with the time and the latest technical leaps.

Before, as t3n wrote it so Fanboy-like, the big revolution comes with Apple Pay in e-commerce, local commerce has to rethink first, otherwise I can’t see a revolution in the payment behavior of German consumers.

But as long as local businesses still retains the outdated contracts with terminal manufacturers and banks for convenience and outdated thinking “In the past everything was better blah blah bla” instead of switching to cheaper alternatives, such as SumUp, for example, they only has older people as a clientele plus Those who do not want or can not pay with their smartphones. In the long term, however, even the smallest entrepreneur here has to realize that such a clientele is at some point gone, or simply not profitable.

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