Today I have to write another type of Post as I have never been treated so bottomlessly by rail in my entire commuter career.

It all Started in the Morning, with the RB 58504 from Neuhaus (on the Pegnitz) to Nuremberg HBF. The journey, one of the last over the old Pegnitztal Bridges, went to Nuremberg Erlenstegen quite normally. In Nuremberg Erlenstegen, Commuters from the Train then wanted to leave, which was difficult, as the Doors of the brand new BR 622 did not open, even after several pushes of the door opener.

Before the next Stop, the train Attendant has spoken a Message “Excuse me that the Doors in Erlenstegen could not open, please get off at the next Station.” In Nuremberg, this is not a Problem, because you have alternatives such as Buses and Trams.

Fast Forward to yesterdays Evening:

After my Regional Express drove from Nuremberg 30 Minutes later and I immediately dodged the RB 58525 as a Precaution, I am already driving home 15 Minutes Late, I thought.

When I arrived In Velden, I stood in front of the closed Door. I thought I’d rather tell the Train Driver the doors doesn’t open and headed to to his Cabin. Once There, I was welcomed by the Train Attendant, who did not even carry out a Ticket Check on the Train journey and also did not noticed that the Doors had not opened. The Train Driver insinuated to me I would not have pressed the Button to open the doors firmly enough, which for me means to sell me indirectly stupid.

The Train Driver did not react to my information that all Passengers are still at the Doors, which allegedly had opened.

I wonder what thoughts go through a Service Provider’s Mind so that he sells his paying Clientele so stupid and can’t even admit a Mistake. Especially after it is known that such an Error occurred already in the Morning, on the same Day, with the same type of Train.

As a Passenger, you feel really deceived here. Well, one Station down was then Terminus, the next Train ran in 40 Minutes, 40 Minutes stolen Time, because a Train driver did not manage to see out the Window, or because the Train Escort was only present as an Air Freshener with us on the Train.

For my Part, I call on the Railway to issue an Apology, as the Train Driver wanted to sell me for stupid in public and in front of other Passengers, but in Case of need I am quite open to the transport Minister, the Head of The railway (E-Mail Addresses are now easy to guess) or also to the EBA. In any Case, I will not allow myself to be treated on such Behaviour by the Railway, of which I am a paying customer.

Picture: © Fotoworkshop4You (Pixabay)