In today’s world of work, different rules apply than 50 years ago. So many HR employees or managers have their problems with this fact…

The topic with the working hours…

Trust is good, control is better and dictatorship is perfect. So you could describe the topic of working hours in some companies. The fact that this only brings a government mentality into your own company, including the attitude “This is not my job”, forget most of the managing people again very quickly.

An employee feels more valued when he can come and walk as part of a core working time as he wants. After all, you have grown up and you can take care that you are present during the core working hours.

When competence is exchanged for incompetence…

Sometimes people come to the top of a department where you seriously wonder what these people have to do for it. There is not much of a competence and since the change of leadership the department has increasingly noticed errors and increased to extreme absenteeism.

Then it may be advisable not only to ask the superiors why this behaviour, who’s is harmful to the company is present. Sometimes the manager is simply overwhelmed with the leadership of the department or not sufficiently competent for it.

The Problem of employer education

If an employee wants to build up his education, this can be a positive effect for the company. Unfortunately, there are too many companies that still believe that education is a privilege of the upper class.

This can result in situations in which superiors feel threatened by their smarter employees and deliberately disadvantage, discredit and sabotage them.

The thing about fear…

…that’s the worst excuse you can have as an entrepreneur. Motivated employees do unpaid overtime by advertising the company – word of mouth, you know. Here it does not help to draw a wonderful corporate picture of happienes, it must also be lived. And not just to the outside world.

However, if you live up to a “just watch out, you’re interchangeable” attitude in the company, no entrepreneur in the world should be surprised if his employees, especially the young and not the civil servants who are about to retire, run away faster than they have come.


If you want to have young, modern employees in the company, you first have to create the conditions for being able to keep such people. This may well cost in the beginning, but you get loyal employees who don’t sell you back for a new job.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs still think in the past, where they still live, so if you are preached values from 1965 in company meetings, this is a sure sign that you should rather look for a new employer.

Picture: Rahul Singh