In the year 2018 I will trim my day even more to productivity. How I want to do this? Read it for yourself.

Monday – Thursday:

At 04:00 o’clock, the alarm clock rings, which I have set up right away from the bed. Breakfast, e-mails and, if possible, going out for a run until it is 5:00 pm.

At 05:00 o’clock I get ready for my main job in Nuremberg, at 06:00 o’clock the Train is heading from Velden tu Nuremberg.

At 07:00 am I arrive at the Main Railway Station in Nuremberg, where I go to coffee fellows, armed with Laptop & iPad to write articles, create logos and do small (administrative) works.

At 07:30 am then it goes off to work, where I will be released at 4:00 pm again in freedom.

At 5:21 pm I reach the station of Velden, about 5:45 pm I am home then.

At 6:00 pm is dinner time, usually 2 sandwiches, and then again i’m working productively until 9:00 pm.

At 9:00 pm I wash my dishes, plan the next day and clean up my apartment. At 10:00 o’clock i’m going to bed and the next morning it starts from the beginning again.


Friday the whole thing is a little different, because I have to work only half-day on Fridays.

It still gets up at 04:00 am, until I arrive at 07:00 am in Nuremberg My morning also on Fridays have the same procedure as Monday-Thursday.

On Fridays, however, it is only in the supermarket to get me the necessary provisions for the work and at 1:00 pm there is also already tome to clock out at work.

At 2:45 pm I am then back home and the work continues, also here I try to work productively until 9:00 pm. After that, the weekend also starts for me and I can dedicate myself to my PlayStation, my projects or my camera.

Saturday and Sunday:

I used to be a long sleeper, and now the weekend starts already at 07:00 am. Breakfast, sports and accounting. At 11:30 there is lunch and the afternoon is arranged as needed.

Saturday goes to bed at about 11:00 pm o’clock, Sunday again like Monday – Thursday already at 10:00 pm.

Have you considered a roadmap for the new Year? Do you wonder why I don’t call my roadmap “resolutions”? Comment and share your opinions with me!

Picture: © BITS & LIFE