Currently I pay in October only in some exceptions with cash. That’s why I currently use my Galaxy S8 at almost every purchase.

With the Galaxy S8 you can’t just pay cashless. You need an app. With the app SEQR you can then pay via “tap to pay” and the NFC chip built into the Galaxy S8 at the card terminal.

Because I don’t do this with my main account, but with a prepaid-based account of the FerratumBank, the whole thing is also relatively risk-less. There is a free MasterCard with NFC-chip for the account at the FerratumBank, so also with the option for contactless pay.

In the Stores of Aldi, Rewe, Lidl, Aral and Netto, the contactless payment with SEQR and the FerratumBank MasterCard works flawlessly. Until €25.00 you don’t even need the pin and as a topping on top of it there are the baffled faces of the customers and cashiers. I only have to make exceptions at Burger King, Mc Donalds, Dunkin Donuts and Saturn. Either no credit cards or the contactless function is not supported. Here I have to pay in cash or by conventional Bank card.

The only harm is at SEQR you can only setup a maximum of one bank account and not a credit card. Alternatively, you can also charge the SEQR account via credit. The quarterly cashback of 3% makes the trifles away again.

In my first post about SEQR (CLICK), I said I will always be a fan of cash. But in view of the current movements in the financial market, including Bitcoin, I am probably going to say goodbye to cash. At least for daily use.

In 2 weeks, when my month is over, I will write down my opinion on the last month almost exclusively with SEQR and the NFC credit card of FerratumBank.

Picture: © BITS & LIFE