My Sennheiser InEar headphones still have an endangered 3.5 mm audiojack connection. That’s why it was time for a new couple. The BeatsX.

What’s inside the Box?

Apple-Typical is like getting a sticker in the box, besides some little paperwork. A USB type A on lightning cable and 4 pairs of ear pads are also included.

If you want to use the BeatsX in sports or other activities, Apple will also include 2 pairs of Earwings. These ensure that the headphones do not slip out of your ears.

The storage bag is definitely unusual and even I, someone who has technical understanding, first had to Google how to get the BeatsX without cable break in the rubber bag.

Processing good or rubbish?

The processing is Apple-typical very high quality. The rubber storage bag also has a very good quality. The magnets that hold the BeatsX on the body when you don’t need them are strong too. Almost too strong. When they wind up to put them in the rubber bag, the headphones like to hang themselves together on their own.

What about battery life?

Apple’s BeatsX are wireless Bluetooth headphones, which means they need batteries to work. The two batteries are located on the flex-type cable, the piece of cable that is slightly stiffer and hangs around the neck. On one of the two battery tanks is also the on/off switch as well as the Lightning connector.

The BeatsX bring me reliably through the day, yesterday I heard more than 4 hours of music and the BeatsX had at the end still about 30% battery. If the battery is running low, you will only charge 5 minutes to get 2 hours of music enjoyment.

Sound OK or rather not OK?

The sound of the BeatsX is slightly different compared to my old Sennheiser InEars. The mids are on a good baseline, highs a little too strong and basses a bit too weak. Nothing that the equalizer in Spotify or Apple Music could not fix. If you have adjusted the EQ so that you are satisfied, the BeatsX are not a bad choice.

The only minus point are the ear pads. There’s no one right for me from the 4 pair.


The BeatsX are good sound technically acceptable and portable ear headphones. However, there are alternatives for the same or comparable price.
For €179.00 you can buy the BeatsX. The price you are definitely not worth, I bought me the BeatsX even only, because Saturn had the InEars for €107.00 on offer and I don’t want to constantly play “find the lightning to play 3.5 mm dongle”.

Even if I recommend the BeatsX for all the 3.5 mm headphone jack after mourners, for people who place more value on sound than on the price and processing, I recommend the brands AKG and Sennheiser.

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