I’m on the road every day, at least 3 hours a day. I have put together a collection of the most important things for my daily trips.


Besides my iPhone X I use my Google Pixel 2 XL or my Samsung Galaxy S9 as main devices. With both devices I get relaxed over the day & am always reachable for the most important people in my life. Since I like to have a variety, I like to use an iOS and an Android device. The iPhone X is protected by the original Apple leather case, the Google Pixel 2 xl and Galaxy S9 by Spigen cases.


So far I have not used any other Smartwatch that lasts for more than 3 days. The Gear S3 Classic, my daily used Smartwatch not only looks great, but also helps me in my preparation for the B2RUN in July with pedometer, GPS and notifications.


My headphones for the daily trip to and from the Office are of course the Beats X. Persistent battery life and good sound, especially in connection with the Spotify EQ, convinced me half a year ago.

Purse & Cards:

I would like to avoid cash completely in the future, as Google Pay is coming in Germany and I can already make NFC payments with NFC on the Pixel 2 XL and the LeuPayWallet. Except for a emergency 10 Bucks Note I have no more cash and the Coinkeeper Wallet has room for all my required cards.


Besides all the technical stuff, I always have a pocket knife, in this case one of my grandfathers.

Suggestions or something forgotten? Write me a message 🙂 . What else I have to carry every day is coming soon in my “what’s in my backpack” post.

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