With Freenet Funk, mobile operator Freenet has pulled a new tariff out of its sleeves that could become dangerous to big players.

1GB a day for €0.69 or unlimited data for €0.99 a day. So you get unlimited data for €31.00 and €30.00. In addition, you get an Allnet flat and SMS flat to all German networks. Most discount providers also reduce their surfing speed, but Freenet does not. With Freenet Funk you surf with up to 225 Mbit/S.

Currently, Freenet Funk only offers the provider o2 as a network provider, but according to the FAQ on the website, Freenet is already working on including providers from other carriers, i.e. either Vodafone D2 or Telekom.

All of these providers already have their own Unlimited Tariffs in the fare offer, but not in this price range. Of course, you also have to cut some corners for the lower price, roaming in other countries is one of them here. Freenet Funk can only be used in Germany.

It is also less good that Freenet Funk bills daily via Paypal, so you get daily notifications on your smartphone and also daily debits on the account.

The idea of a tariff that is refundable on a daily basis, or as in the case of Freenet Funk can be pausable for up to 2 weeks at a time, on the other hand, is customer-oriented and other mobile operators should also offer such options.

In addition to the above features, there are also several other services known from contract rates, such as phone number carrying and visual voicemail on iOS devices.

Currently, a feature is still available, where you can choose your desired number, with up to 5 digits that you choose yourself. Whether Freenet will still offer this feature with greater interest remains to be seen.

Since I am already an o2 Free Unlimited user, I can say that Freenet Funk is already an alternative to the previous providers. Of course, the network is not yet as good as Telekom’s, but o2 is currently taking massive money into the hands of network expansion.

For my part, I will switch to Freenet Funk after the end of my contract term, also in the hope that then (for my area better reception) providers such as Telekom or Vodafone will be available to choose from.

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