Smarthome doesn’t have to be expensive or natively integrated into the house. In addition to the expensive suppliers, there are also good retrofit products, such as Meross’s.

Why Smarthome?

Imagine the following scene: It’s Monday morning, 04:00. The alarm clock rings. With the alarm clock ringing, the light automatically goes on in the living room, kitchen and, of course, the bedside lamp.

From the kitchen, the internet radio sounds and the scent of fresh coffee flows towards you as you just come out of the bath freshly showered. And all this, without anyone having turned anything on, getting up earlier or being a second person in the apartment at all.

That pretty much describes my morning routine. With Meross’s smart sockets, you can make everything smart, from TV to coffee maker. Even if the house was built before the smarthome boom, you can still retrofit power outlets, plaster from Meross, underplaster and from Innogy light switches, among others, here also available as underplaster by both manufacturers.

Currently I use 10 smart power outlets from Meross for a number of household appliances such as stereo, TV, coffee maker and indirect lighting, as well as 2 smart switches for bedside lighting.

You should connect the smart devices of Meross via a second Wi-Fi, as only the operation via Internet/WIFI is possible here. If you are offline, there are buttons on the sockets that you can use to manually turn the sockets on/off. Another advantage of smart sockets, as with Meross, is that you get the consumption displayed in an app.

But since I want to make not only my devices, but also my security in the house smart, I use 2 independent systems. I use smarthome control from Meross, because reliable and despite a small price premium feel. For smarthome security I use Innogy from RWE, with the system I always have the status of my smoke detectors, door and window magnets as well as the status of my garage door in my pocket.

Especially if, like me, you have 2 pensioners at home who sometimes forget to turn off the stove or forget to close the garage in the evening, the system of Innogy can notify me of all incidents via push message on my smartphone or tablet.

Other useful scenarios that can be implemented with SmartHome: You come home after a hectic day at the office and the TV is already running, or the internet radio of your choice. In winter, the lights are already on and on holiday, no burglar dares to get to your house because even if you are not at home, you are always at home.

Those who have automated annoying tasks have more time in life, even if this is only about seconds, you can calculate the time you give away with the above tasks in the course of life, you can look at a roughly estimated one hour more lifetime.

And then counts: Have an hour or not have it. I certainly, will continue to equip our house with smarthome appliances, as my life will be simply a little more comfortable.

Picture: © BITS & LIFE

Note: Neither Innogy (RWE) nor Meross sponsored this post in any way. I bought the products from my wages and only wrote down my experiences with the products here.