Friday I picked up the iPhone 8 in the Store and since then I use the new iPhone 8 next to my Galaxy S8 as my daily driver.

In my post about the keynote from Apple, Mid-September, I wrote, I will keep the iphone 7 because an upgrade just isn’t worth it. The former I just broke already. But the last thing is still like that.

Upgrading from iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is not profitable in any case. But since I only write about products or devices, which I also use for a longer time, i had to purchase the iPhone 8.

Space Grey but somehow black. Already the color is not the same as the one of the iPhone 6 or 6S in space grey. The color of the iPhone 8 “space grey” is more like “wet cement grey”.

It’s heavier. At least one advantage. The iPhone 7 I’ve always drawn with more anxiety from the trouser pocket, because the aluminum model is simply much lighter.

Wireless charging – works but without Apples own hardware so far. Since Apple, although other manufacturers have been supporting wireless charging for years, is still not ready to offer charging pads or stations from it’s own house, I’m forced to charge my iPhone 8 with the Samsung Wireless charger. I know, Steve Jobs does “the propeller” in his grave.

Display unchanged, body unchanged, battery smaller, lasts longer and also in things of speed, the iPhone 8 feels equivalent to the iPhone 7. From the A11 Bionic CPU with the 2GB memory already built into the iPhone 7, I don’t notice much more power.

Finally, I would like to say: For iPhone 7 (plus) users, upgrading to iPhone 8 (plus) is definitely not worth it. For this money you should rent a gold painted Porsche over the weekend and should make the highway unsafe. That would burn your money more useful.

For users of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S or iPhone SE, the iPhone 8 is a reason for upgrading. Not just because the iPhone 8 comes with 64 GB or 256 GB of memory. But Apple WTF did you guys just think of deleting the 128 GB version? …Seriously?!

Picture: © BITS & LIFE