Actually, I didn’t want to buy the iPhone X because the price was simply exaggerated. Why I bought it still then? You can read it here.

The iPhone 8 has been my favorite so far. It was small, equipped with a 4.7 inch display and the latest hardware from Apple.

Since I have always been very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the 18:9 aspect ratio, I thought, if I get the iPhone X at a cheap price, I give it a chance.

Thanks to my mobile carrier Smartmobil, I have now received the iPhone for €1099.00, so only €99 above my pain limit.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not a fan of Apple’s pricing policy, but from technology and ease of use already.

The Handling

With the iPhone X, however, the handling has shifted to gestures instead of buttons. I had to get used to it. However, I have already dominated this after just a few hours as from the beginning. FaceID, the system I looked at in the beginning somewhat skeptical, works like a Rolex. With every unlock, FaceID makes exactly what it is supposed to.

The Display

In the iPhone X is a 5.8 inch OLED display, from the competition, Samsung. The colors are strong, the black color is OLED-typical a dream and also the whiteness, which, like the entire coloring, is influenced by the True Tone feature is brilliant.

Memory, power and battery

My iPhone X comes with 64GB of disk space, 3GB of RAM and the latest Apple A11 bionic processor. In the iPhone X the same processor works as in almost half the expensive iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The battery lasts one and a half days with me, and thanks to wireless charging, it can be charged quickly without cables.

The Camera

The camera of the iPhone X is the same as in the iPhone 8 Plus, just vertically instead of horizontally. At night, the dual camera makes moderate shots, but is still among the top 5 smartphone cameras. Features like portrait mode or Animoji built in imessage I almost never use. That’s why I can’t say anything about it.

During the day, the camera comes out and shoots razor sharp images, unfortunately you still can’t find a manual mode in the camera app or the option to shoot photos in RAW format.

The Design

The design of the iPhone X is like the Galaxy S8 or S9 a sandwich made of glass, with metal in between. Well, at the iPhone X It’s shiny stainless steel. In the space grey version I have no scratches after 2 weeks of intensive use, however I use the €1099 smartphone also only with case.

My conclusion

It goes cheaper, Samsung shows that with the current Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +. So if you have less money than Apple’s €1149 over, the Galaxy S9 is also well served, but without the long-lasting update support and iOS. The iPhone X showing us a glimpse into the future as it can look with our smartphones once, completely trimmed to gestures and voice commands, naturally and above all simple. For my part I just fall in love with this beautiful smartphone, even if it is an expensive love and in the next 2 years will again be a new love for my favor.

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