Samsung has launched its latest premium smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Why do I love it? Read it here.

I have exactly 5 reasons why I use the Galaxy Note 10 as my new Daily Driver:

Reason number one:

The design. I immediately fell in love with the Design of the Note 10, the moment I saw it, I really wanted it. The last time a smartphone did that to me was the apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

The design is, Samsung-typical, a sandwich of glass and metal, in my case I have the normal Note 10, as I don’t need a quad HD display or all this AR-Crap. The edgy design flatters the hands and the size of 6.3″ is just perfect for smaller hands like mine.

Reason number two:

The Samsung Galaxy Note Series is known for its S-PEN, which allows you to make digital notes, drawings and many other things. I use the S-PEN almost every day because I have now changed my Bullet Journal from Analog to Digital. In the meantime, the S-PEN has also been fitted with Bluetooth and gesture control to control presentations or remotely trigger the camera.

The third reason:

With the Galaxy Note 10, I can easily and safely get through the day with a slightly longer battery life. The 3500 mAh battery together with the Super-AMOLED display ensures a first-class battery life and so I can save my power bank in the future.

And here is the fourth reason:

The Pro mode of the native camera app. I like to travel as a hobby photographer and appreciate being able to adjust my camera manually. I don’t have this option at Apple. With its Tripple camera and Samsung-used camera app, the Note 10 has everything I need “on-the-go”. The camera, in manual operation, allows beautiful lighttrail photos at night and the images are impressive sharp.

Last, but not least, Grund Nummer 5:

Samsung Dex, yes I know that sounds doof now, but imagine this: You sit in front of your laptop and work. Suddenly the SSD smokes in the laptop, in newer laptops you can no longer replace them by yourself, so you have to send the device in or replace the device. With Samsung Dex, you can put a USB-C to HDMI adapter in the charging socket of the Note 10 and can immediately continue working on a desktop environment. Of course, no hard work such as graphic design or video editing, but writing documents, website management and even server administration via browser and terminal apps is possible.


I’ve always been a fan of Samsung’s Note Series, as you get a decent performance here for your money. But with the Note 10 I think for the first time, WOW, I don’t want to exchange this smartphone for another in the near future.

8GB RAM (maximum supported by Android), 6.3″ Super AMOLED display, 256GB storage and Dual Sim slots are just some of the specs. A smartphone for business and freelance people doesn’t have to have more.

The Galaxy Note 10 has a hole in the top center of the display, but for that, the almost entire front of the smartphone consists of display I find a small hole in the display completely Ok. Especially since the position is anyway in a place where normal no or very less content was not/is displayed.