The Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s current flagship, designed for business and gaming users. Why I’m completely away from Apple now, I’m telling you here.

Apple has made itself increasingly unpopular with me with its pricing and upgrade policies. So I once looked around just outside the Apple universe and actually came across some interesting things.

For one thing, I found Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2, to which I will write a review later. On the other hand, I found the Galaxy Note 9, which got my attention with the 4000 mAh battery.

The design of the Galaxy Note 9 has remained largely the same since predecessors Galaxy S8 (+), S9 (+) and Galaxy Note 8. A glass sandwich with metal frame serves as a magnet for fingerprints.

I chose my model in the black version, the build quality is, contrary to the predecessors, flawless and the cleavage dimensions I had criticized in the Galaxy S8 are now uniform and minimal.

The inner values of the Galaxy Note 9 are also high quality, because with the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has installed a larger, almost huge battery for the first time since the Note 7 fiasco. 4000 mAh holds the battery that needs to charge the Bluetooth enabled and redesigned S-Pen.

The internal memory of the Galaxy Note 9 already offers 128 GB in the standard version, but can be extended by up to 512 GB in addition via SD card.

Samsung has the industry leading position with its AMOLED displays, you don’t have to say anything else about that. Since the Galaxy S9, stereo speakers have been introduced in the S-and-Note-series, in collaboration with AKG, which provide the InEar headphones and with Dolby Atmos on board, the Galaxy Note 9 has strong sound, whether on speakers or InEar.

With the large 4000 mAh battery, I can use the Note 9 almost 2 days without charging, even though the battery also has to power the new S-Pen. This now serves as a 2-in-1 device for presentations, drawing, writing, camera triggers and with the SDK, app developers can access the features and buttons of the S-Pen, which now has Bluetooth on board.

All in all, the Galaxy Note 9 is the perfect smartphone for people who like to stream a lot of music, watch videos and surf the social networks. I do not talk about the camera and the other features in this review, because these are, in my opinion, comparable to the Galaxy S9, which I have already described in this post.

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