Since Apple made the headphone jack irrelevant, I’ve been using Bluetooth headphones. Now I have found my dream headphones.

Apple did it years ago: Removed the headphone jack. Since then, I’ve used my Beats X from Apple. However, these have now expired – cable breakage have served the diagnosis.

Since I have now developed an allergy to cables, especially with my headphones, I thought to myself, this time I want completely wireless headphones. Already for my sports activities I have taken care via Amazon, i purchased cheap €50 No Name – headphones that go completely without cables.

However, as a DJ & producer, I have high demands on my headphones, especially for the longer enjoyment of music, which is why the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless have found my attention.

The headphones of Sennheiser are not unknown to me, I know about the good sound quality. Even before the “The headphone jack, no one needs it in 2017 + …” Approach I had wired Sennheiser headphones. My DJ headphones are also from Sennheiser, after my Technics gave up after years of mistreatment in discotheques and on the go.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless headphones are InEar headphones, which at €299.00 (mine were on offer for €269.00) are definitely one of the most expensive headphones on the market. However, Sennheiser is also setting new standards for InEar headphones, not only in processing, but also in sound.

The sound is entirely worth this high price. When listening to music, you feel like you’re standing right in the studio and experiencing how the music is recorded. With a spectrum of 5 to 21 kHz, the music sounds really breathtaking.

According to Sennheiser, the battery is expected to provide 4 hours plus another 8 hours by charging the Earphones in their case. In my case, the Momentum True Wireless achieve this value. However, the Momentum True Wireless also offer features that come in handy, even if they cost more battery.

For example, the Transparent mode. With many InEar headphones, it is Construction-related that you can hear the outside world hardly or only dull. The Transparent Mode for the Momentum True Wireless provides crystal clear ssound of your surroundings thanks to built-in microphones that are otherwise used for call function. Not always, especially when it’s windy, but still very reliable.

With the app Sennheiser Smart Control you can then adjust how the touch surfaces of the Momentum True Wireless are to be used, for example, whether Siri, Google Assistant or Bixbi (finally) should be activated with a simple tap on the right earbud. You can also set an equalizer in the app, which in my opinion was simply poorly implemented. These settings are stored directly on the headphones, for example, you no longer need an EQ in Spotify. However, I have to say, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless are the first headphones I use without an EQ-setting. The sound is already incredibly pressurized in the standard setting, the heights are exactly as I like them, singing and language comes crystal clear across.

Verdict: The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless InEar headphones are just right for music enthusiasts and people who are constantly on the go. Because despite the InEar shape factor, the Momentum True Wireless have all features of an OverEar headphone. From noisecancelling to touch controls to great sound quality and good comfort. Only the price of just under €300 is set a bit high by Sennheiser. Definitely a value for the money *Cough Apple*

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