I am very interested in sustainability, paperless management and of course nature Conservation.

Since I already set aside a certain percentage of any income I create in my own media agency to donate it to Sea Shepheard once a year, the account of “Tomorrow” is just right. That’s Why I applied for the beta as soon as I heard about the new FinTech Company.

For a few weeks now I am using the account for buying my food. In concrete terms, This means that I use Tomorrow for paying in stores, order food and let me deliver my cooking boxes from HelloFresh.


The app for iOS, currently in the testing phase, offers the basic functions of a bank account, as it is known by N26 or Revolut. Push notifications work flawlessly and so you are always up to date.

What I find quite interesting is that you can see within the app how positive the Impact of using “Tomorrow” actually is in environmental protection, for this there is the “impact” tab.

Also, a budget book for the past few months is integrated into the app, which shows a categorized List what you’ve paid for the past few months.

You should be careful at the first registration, at least as a beta user during the trial period. The mobile phone number cannot be changed at this time, according to the chat support of the “Tomorrow” Website. The same should also apply to the e-mail address. However, your postal address can already be changed in the app.

IBAN, BIC and Bank Account:

Since “Tomorrow” does not have its own bank license, the SolarisBank takes action in the background. Account number and BIC are therefore from the SOLARISBANK. For freelancers, companies and co-workers, the Team of “Tomorrow” is working on a business account and even a premium account is expected to Come.

Only the quality of the issued Debit-mastercard leaves still room for improvement, Here N26 and also Revolut have the better quality cards. The font on the back, which represents your MasterCard number and CVC as well as the Card’s expiration date, is unclean and sometimes even distorted. The Card can be managed in the app itself, as known from N26 or Revolut. custom pin, pin change and card blocking is easily setup without the need of customer Support.


As a main account, I would not recommend “Tomorrow” during the Beta phase, but since I have been using tomorrow, there have been no problems with either card acceptance or the app.

Personally, I will continue to use the account and the app, and if there are coming functions like Revolut for detailed administration of the card, such as disabling the NFC chip or the magnetic strip, a choice of whether online payments should be accepted and similar, then it is worth considering whether I use “Tomorrow” as my main Account. 

I hope and I think “Tomorrow” will find its place in the FinTech sector and become Successful. The design of the app is simple, clean and beautiful, with the SolarisBank in the background, “Tomorrow” has a powerful partner that I already have been able to use for my business account and if the physical card becomes a bit more premium, tomorrow is the perfect all around carefree bank account.

Picture: © BITS & LIFE