My Samsung Gear S3 Classic has had its day after a few rough years. A new watch was needed, so I bought the Withings Move ECG.

The Features

The watch is not a smartwatch as in the conventional sense, because the Withings Move ECG does not notify, such as e.g. an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

However, so that the watch can still communicate with the mobile phone, Withings has donated Bluetooth LE to the analog watch. This allows steps, elevation, activity and ECG data to be transferred to the HealthMate app. Because despite its analogue construction, the watch has more than time on its skills.

For people who like to do wet sports, for example swimming, the watch is water resistant to 50M and can even count the rounds.

If you don’t want to use the supplied silicone watchband because you’re more of a business type or just don’t like silicone watchbands, you can wear any watchbands with 18mm width to the Withings Move ECG.

Processing quality

Since the Withings Move ECG doesn’t cost more than 150€ and still has many useful features, you have to come to terms with the fact that the watch is not built from the best materials. So you don’t have a glass on the front, just plastic, in fact, the entire case is made of plastic at the Withings Move ECG.

For the ECG function, however, Withings has placed a stainless steel ring around the plastic window, as well as the underside completely fitted with stainless steel.


The lack of smartwatch features comes into play when it comes to battery life: According to the manufacturer, the watch can be used with a button cell battery for up to a year without replacement. Here, however, the disadvantage: The watch is waterproof, so you should not change the battery yourself, but bring it to the watchmaker, so that the watch does not sour off at the next swim training.

HealthMate App

To get the data from the Withings Move ECG, you need the HealthMate app, which is known from Nokia, since Withings was purchased by Nokia. In the app you have an overview of your steps, sleep evaluation, clumped floors, swimming rounds and the ECG records.

The clock disconnects from the app overnight, which caused some confusion for me in the first few days of use, but once you get out of bed, the Move ECG reconnects to your smartphone and synchronizes last night’s sleep data.

The HealthMate app is available for Android and iOS. On Android, you have to disable all battery saving options in the system for the HealthMate app, as well as allow a permanent notification, otherwise you have synchronization problems.

My conclusion

The Withings Move ECG is an analog clock with many useful features. It does not monitor my pulse, but measures an ECG if necessary. It is lightweight and robust despite plastic windows, but sensitive to scratches.

For me, the elimination of constant notifications on the wrist is like vacation and I still don’t miss my Samsung Gear S3 Classic. So as long as I have my Note 10 and no iPhone with Apple Watch, I’ll stick with the Withings Move ECG.

It will be interesting for me to see how many of the 12 months promised by the manufacturer my button cell battery really lasts.

Picture: © BITS & LIFE